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Finding Tax Relief in Illinois

Illinois has experienced widespread financial hardship, making it difficult for citizens to pay on back taxes. This has created a need for tax solutions that are easily accessible to people from all walks of life. Understanding what the IRS and IL Department of Revenue can do for you and to your bank account is paramount when making an educated repayment plan.

Taking advantage of local and federal resources is as easy as knowing which forms to fill out online. Ignoring the problem will make things exponentially worse and result in a number of collection methods.

IRS Collection Tools

The IRS prefers to handle repayment issues as quickly as possible, and this can be used to your advantage. When you fail to pay when promised or refuse to contact the IRS altogether, you leave them no choice but to try and collect via other means. You could be facing tax liens, wage garnishment, future refund offsets, frozen accounts, and even the direct repossession of your valuable property.

During the collection process, your overall bill will continue to grow with late penalties, high interest rates, and other fees assessed. It’s important to take action and to protect yourself as quickly as possible.

Illinois Tax Solutions

Every state has an objective professional called a taxpayer advocate who’s there to help you find viable solutions. If you owe back taxes, they may be able to recommend an offer and compromise. This allows you to settle your tax debt with one lump sum payment based on your current income.

You also have the option of filing for innocent spouse relief when you aren’t personally responsible for the debt. It can help to speak to a tax professional in order to utilize all of the tools that are available to the public.

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