Evaluate your tax situation

How much does the IRS say you owe?

$125,000 $250,000
$125,000 $250,000
Do you have unfiled tax returns?

Evaluate your tax situation

By evaluating your tax situation, you can identify areas where you may be able to reduce your tax burden.

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Back Taxes Don’t Go Away Over Time

There are many people who live under the misconception that back taxes will simply disappear over time and be forgotten about, but that is not the case at all. The IRS tracks the taxes that they are owed and takes action to get the money one way or another.

The IRS can take the money from you directly through wage garnishment in New Jersey. They can also put a tax lien against any property that you owe. This limits your ability to sell it they will take the money that you owe from the profits right away.

Paying Off the Taxes Is the Best Option

It’s best to talk to the IRS and try to alleviate the situation as much as you can. If you are being asked to pay taxes that you don’t feel you’re responsible for, let the agent know. There are times when spouses file New Jersey taxes improperly and the other spouse can get innocent spouse relief to be let off the hook for the taxes they didn’t know they owed.

You can also work with the IRS to pay a fraction of what you owe by asking for an offer in compromise. This requires you to pay a payment to the IRS that is less than what you really owe in back taxes but must be paid immediately in order to be accepted.

Getting Out of Tax Debt Is Freeing

If you are worried that you aren’t going to be able to pay your taxes now or in the future, there are New Jersey tax relief programs in place that can help you determine if there are any deductions available to you and what you need to do to claim them.

The programs are available for people who don’t have a ton of money and who qualify for the help that the programs offer. They can often get the ball rolling right away so that you can get free from your tax debt as soon as possible.