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Finding Tax Relief in California

Paying taxes and owing back taxes just causes unneeded stress and burden in life especially here in CA where taxes are at an all-time high. Taking care of issues such as back taxes and tax liens don’t have to be a burden.

If you are having trouble paying taxes from a few years ago and they are causing you debt, you can be at risk for the IRS placing a tax lien on your assets. In order to avoid this from happening, you’ll want to talk with the IRS to discuss different payment plans and options.

Is an Offer in Compromise Worth It?

It may seem tempting to not pay what you owe to the IRS, but here in California, things will get worse if you don’t. The IRS has different tools that they can use to recover their money, such as wage garnishment and tax liens.

If you owe more than you can pay, you may be eligible to make an offer in compromise; this is where you and the IRS will decide on a price that’s lower than the full amount you owe. Another option is if your spouse is the one with the debt, and you are also suffering from it, you can apply for an innocent spouse relief.

Living Your Best Life Free of Tax Debt

If your spouse suffers from tax debt, it’s possible for the IRS to come after you as well. If they do come after you for payment, you can apply for innocent spouse relief; it can protect you from paying any cost that your husband or wife may have.

Dealing with the IRS and going through tax debt isn’t fun. If you suffer from tax debt and need tax relief pick up the phone and ask for help. Things can only get worse if you keep prolonging this situation. The IRS is always willing to work with you.

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