Evaluate your tax situation

How much does the IRS say you owe?

$125,000 $250,000
$125,000 $250,000
Do you have unfiled tax returns?

Evaluate your tax situation

By evaluating your tax situation, you can identify areas where you may be able to reduce your tax burden.

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Get Financial Freedom from Debt

Being able to stop a wage garnishment in Massachusetts is important when you want to have financial freedom. If you have not paid your taxes for years, you owe back taxes that the IRS may be garnished from your paycheck.

There are fines, penalties, and interest that can be associated with back taxes so it’s best to pay them off as quickly as you can. It’s best to contact the IRS directly and talk to them about the money you owe before they put a tax lien on your property. A tax lien won't cause you to lose your home, but it can make you lose profits that come from selling it since the IRS will get their money first.

Reduce How Much Money You Pay

When you contact the IRS, you need to let the agent handling your case know if you have any extra money to pay toward the back taxes. If you don’t and the wage garnishment is making it impossible to live, ask for an offer in compromise. It allows you to pay one total amount to the IRS rather than small payments over time.

You May Be Able to Avoid Paying Altogether

If your wages were garnished and you thought your taxes were filed properly, ask the agent what the issues are. There are times when people allow their spouses to file taxes for them and the spouse omits information from the tax filing. When this happens, the IRS will cut the spouse a break through innocent spouse relief.

You may also be able to get tax relief through Massachusetts area program and incentives. There are programs available that want to help low income individuals be able to keep their hard-earned money. They can help reduce how much you have to pay or find deductions you can use to eliminate the debt altogether.