Pennsylvania Tax Relief

Resolving Tax Liens with Pennsylvania Tax Relief

If you get a bill from the IRS, you’re supposed to resolve it as quickly as you can, but if you ignore the bill, you will more than likely receive a Notice of Federal Tax Lien from the IRS. A tax lien is put against your property and is used as a claim in order to protect the interests of a property when facing a tax debt. A rule of thumb is that if you have a tax lien against your property, then wage garnishments will soon follow.

What Happens When a Tax Lien Hits You

When you’re hit with a tax lien, it can affect you in many ways, for years to come. Even if you file for bankruptcy, the tax lien, and your tax debt will have the possibility to continue after the bankruptcy. This is why it’s very important for you to find a PA licensed tax attorney who will discuss all tax issues and solutions.

One such is an offer in compromise, where you pay a portion of what you owe and have the rest forgiven. Another way is to set up an innocent spouse relief; if you’re husband or wife is the one that filed your taxes wrong, then you may be forgiven.

Working with the IRS to Settle Your Debt

If you don’t file or pay your taxes on time, do not ignore the correspondence or letters that you get from the IRS; ignoring will prolong your case and make it harder for you to settle your debt. The IRS is always willing to work with you and discuss any Pennsylvania tax relief options that are available. In Pennsylvania, tax firms can help taxpayers with their issues, so they can pay any back taxes they may owe to the IRS.