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how to get out of tax debt

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  5. how to get out of tax debt

Asked: 2019-01-26 06:23:21

I’m so lost. I’m i up to my eyeballs with tax debt, how do I get out of it?


Answered: 2019-01-28 06:15:05

Well you can contact the IRS They have multiple ways you can take care of that.


Answered: 2019-01-26 09:18:17

I had to file for bankruptcy, it was a rough road, but I had no choice.


Answered: 2019-01-27 13:59:01

You can’t really “ get out of it “ you have to pay your debt, but there are ways to make it easier, like making an installment agreement that makes it easier to pay or making in offer compromise. If you qualify it could reduce you tax debt.


Answered: 2019-01-26 11:47:34

Tax debt can be rough. Getting some help from a tax specialist sounds like it may be the right answer for you.


Answered: 2021-10-27 03:52:34

Please give me a call and I'll be more than happy to help you. 310-961-1890

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