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how to check irs debt

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  5. how to check irs debt

Asked: 2018-11-28 04:51:44

I want to check out my irs debt does anyone know how I can do that?


Answered: 2018-11-28 15:43:54

I just use the irs website, it updates every day. It might take a few days for recent payments to show up though.


Answered: 2018-11-29 09:10:37

You can go on the IRS website, or call the IRS, or you can check the balance on the latest notice they sent you.


Answered: 2018-11-29 00:09:46

I keep my statements from the IRS. I’m doing a countdown on my last payment to them.


Answered: 2018-11-29 07:17:03

Just call them. They will know to the penny how much you owe them.

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