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how do i get a tax rebate

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  5. how do i get a tax rebate

Asked: 2018-12-10 00:19:46

This will be the first year I file taxes on my own, can someone tell me the trick for getting a tax rebate? I don’t want to have to pay taxes.


Answered: 2018-12-11 03:02:21

No matter what tips I use (I’ve used them all) it is almost impossible unless you have kids.


Answered: 2018-12-11 04:13:18

I would suggest going to h&r block they really know what they are doing, and I got a refund.


Answered: 2018-12-11 08:13:00

It is possible yes, I don’t claim my depends on work tax sheet so that they take higher taxes out of my check. And that spells big refund every year when I do my taxes.


Answered: 2018-12-10 03:05:28

You can’t always choose if you get a tax rebate or not, but there are things that can help, like making sure you take all of your deductions, or refinancing your mortgage, or even claiming fewer allowances on you w-4 form.

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