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can you file taxes late

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  5. can you file taxes late

Asked: 2018-09-02 12:04:23

I think I should have gotten a refund last year on my taxes but I never filed them. Can someone tell me how to file my late taxes?


Answered: 2018-09-03 15:33:37

You have to file your taxes even if it is late. The IRS wants their money i’m surprised they haven’t contacted you already.


Answered: 2018-09-04 12:19:25

Yes you can and should. The government insists on it.


Answered: 2018-09-04 03:16:55

Yes you absolutely can file your late taxes. Getting a refund will ensure that you won’t even have any fees or penalties for doing so.


Answered: 2018-09-02 13:27:55

If you are owed a refund thats great, but if you owe the IRS expect to pay some penalties.

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